Exploring Littlehampton Harbour

This morning I am taking a stroll along Littlehampton Harbour.

Littlehampton is a seaside resort and pleasure harbour, and the most populous civil parish in the Arun District of West Sussex, England. It lies on the English Channel on the eastern bank of the mouth of the River Arun.

I walk from the end of the harbour wall towards the lifeboat station, early in the morning as the town prepares itself for another day welcoming day trippers and holiday makers.

Exploring the Carfax in Horsham

Today I am in Horsham in West Sussex, exploring the Carfax, a old term for where four roads meet. I used to live in Horsham and worked in the Carfax when I left school. The Causeway is a beautiful street to the south of the Carfax and it leads past St Mary’s Church to the River Arun. From there, a short walk takes to a rare spot, a place where a river, a road and a railway converge.

Acid Bath Murderer in Horsham

I have a connection with John George Haigh, the Acid Bath Murderer, who in 1949 murdered Olive Durrand-Deacon. He was held in a Horsham police station before a hearing in the town hall. Haigh murdered six people that was confirmed but he claimed more, dissolving the bodies in sulphuric acid in a large oil drum.

Wall Paintings of Hardham Church

I am join by Martin Snow today to explore the important early paintings in Hardham Church. Dated around 1100AD, these recently uncovered paintings demonstrate just how vivid the early Norman churches would have been on the side. Also, Hardham Church is a wonderful example of how Saxon and Norman rural churches looked like in their day. Covered in a lime wash to protect the walls, they look beautiful in the landscape.

In Search Of Hardham Tunnel

I am joined by Martin Snow today and in search of the Hardham Tunnel, a special tunnel on a cut on the Arun Navigation in West Sussex. There was a route to and from London by water back in the 18th Century. It came from the city on the River Wey, then down the Wey/Arun canal and then the River Arun and out at Littlehampton in Sussex.

Crossing The Old Shoreham Tollbridge

Today I am up early to cross the old Shoreham Toll Bridge over the River Adur in West Sussex. The grade 2 listed crossing was first built in 1781 and later rebuilt in 1916 and then recently renovated at huge expense. Until 1970 it took road vehicles, including buses and lorries. It was part of the busy A27. No longer, it is now a charming footbridge and well worth a look.