Preview: Crumbling Churches Ep

This is work in progress, but the Bald Explorer, AKA Richard Vobes, shall be trudging the countryside in search of our heritage and traditions. In this forthcoming episode, he is trying to find out what is happening to our crumbling churches. These are monuments that have stood at the centre of our communities for hundreds of years. People have been baptised, married and buried here and so they are immersed with social history and we cannot let them fade away.

In this preview, Richard is looking at the Saxon church of St. Botolphs, near Bramber in West Sussex. It was once much larger with a northern aisle but as the local inhabitants dwindled the church was restored to its original size.

Production is ongoing and it is hoped the episode will be completed by the end of March 2013.

In the TV listings

The Daily Mail 'Weekend' magazine TV Listings
The Daily Mail ‘Weekend’ magazine TV Listings
It is a strange feeling when you catch yourself looking back at yourself, especially when it is from a national newspaper’s Saturday magazine. On 9th February, the Daily Mail’s ‘Weekend’ magazine published its TV guide along with several pick of the channel programmes and awarded them a number of stars according to their opinion of the programme. I was thrilled to see that not only was the Bald Explorer highlighted for Sunday night, but it was also given three out of four stars.

I am not sure how much this will persuade people to watch the programme, but the added description of the episode was pretty complimentary. I was excited to notice that they deemed the episode ‘a jolly pleasure’.

The programme in question is the visit to the East Sussex town of Lewes which is broadcast on the Community Channel. The recently completed new adventures will commence on the same channel towards the middle of March and with luck further ones are to follow on after that.

It is certainly a boost to the morale and, without doubt, encouragement to make further forays into Britain’s traditions and historic past. Watch this space.

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