Do We Need Our Crumbling Churches?

According to a report I read in the Times a while back, nearly 4,000 churches out of the 47,000 in the UK are slowly falling to bits and need attention. And when you average out the congregation per church the number is a mere 33 people attending. Take into account that each of these churches, […]

Community Channel Youtube Page

I am thrilled to announce that the Community Channel has now dedicated a special Youtube page to the shows for the Bald Explorer. It gets its own nifty url too: which is fabulous! The next three episodes are due to air soon on the channel and I will update you as soon as it […]

Part of the Team

The very nice people at the Community Channel have included the Bald Explorer as valued member of the team. They very kindly added an image of me to their new revamped Youtube page. I feel famous. I have now delivered the next three programmes for transmission on their TV network through the year. The Bald […]

Computer Animation

One of the things that makes the Bald Explorer programmes different to many of the videos you find on the internet is the computer Graphic images that are created for each episode. These help to illustrate perhaps, as an artists impression, what buildings and places might have been like in the period of the story […]