Exploring Shipley Church in West Sussex

Shipley Church

The Knights Templar built Shipley Church before leaving to protect pilgrims wishing to visit Jerusalem. This somewhat austere-looking place of worship was built close to the river Adur, though barely a trickle remains of the waterway now. An old piece of iron stone, thought to be a mooring bollard, rests in the south porch. Peter […]

Is there a future for small-scale farming today?

The future of Farming

Farming today is not easy and is more a labour of love than a profit making business. In this episode the lovely Julia Hartley and myself continue our visit to Morrie’s Farm to look at the cattle. We learn the reality and hardships facing small scale farmers in the modern era. My videos are funded […]

The Magic of Kingley Vale – Burial Mounds and Yew Trees

Burial Mounds and Yew Trees

This is the final part of my revisit to Kingley Vale with the lovely Julia. As well as the incredible grove of ancient yews at the bottom of the chalky hills surrounding them, other fascinating objects of of the past are waiting to be discovered. Burial mounds adorn the summit, granting a 360 view with […]