The Chili Fiesta at West Dean 2018

Chili Fiesta 2018
Chili Fiesta 2018

Today I visit the Chili Fiesta at West Dean in West Sussex. The agricultural college grounds are given over to the hot and spicy festival of the chili plant. Richard Suggett from the Veg Grower Podcast joins me to explore the fiesta and do a bit of tasting with me.

Find out more about the chili fiesta here: Chili Fiesta 2018

Check out Richard Suggett’s podcast here: Veg Grower Podcast

Download as Podcast.

2 Replies to “The Chili Fiesta at West Dean 2018”

  1. What a lovely 16 mins.I know West Dean very well as have spent several weekends there on courses,so I know the gardens.The chillies sounded great,didn’t know t h ere was such a choice.Singletons next door coy l d be a great place for the Bald Explorer .

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