Petworth Teaser Video No: 2

It is nearly finished. The shooting is very close to being completed, just a few more elements to capture and then I can start to job of pulling all the pieces together. Meanwhile, I have put together a short teaser video for you to get an idea of the sort of places and things I get up to in this video. I do hope you like it.

Bald Explorer Petworth Teaser Video

I am currently shooting two videos at once. The first being a search for the Caratacus’s last stand in the Welsh Marches and the second a visit to the rural market town of Petworth in West Sussex. Here is the teaser video for the latter.

Petworth is famed for its splendid stately home, once the property of the de Percy family and later the Earl of Egremont’s base.

The town was also known for its austere House of Correction which later served as a prison with prisoners having to work long hours on a treadmill or handcrank. Many of the poor were shipped off to Canada in the 19th Century by the Petworth Immigration Committee and in the 1942 a German bomber destroyed a boys school killing 28 of the children and two teachers.

The Bald Explorer is off to search for all these things and more in the episode. Meanwhile, while we wait for that, here is a teaser video show off some of Petworth’s rather lovely architecture.

Bald Explorer Ep 4 Teaser Video

Filming is well on its way and although the finished product wont be ready until the beginning of June this year, here is the first of a short series of teaser videos I will be making of the progress. I hope you find it whets your appetite for the main programme as well as the countryside and places I visit.

Featured in this are Tom Baker from the Hopton Castle Preservation Trust, Peter Faulkner, The Corcale Man from Leintwardine, Carolyn Chesshire from Lower Buckton Bed and Breakfast and the church tower at Leintwardine. (Thanks to local historian John Williams for access to the church tower!)

Big thanks also to Georgie Lindsey, my lovely daughter, who is my main cinematographer on this project. There is much to film and many more places to go, so keep watching this space.

Episode 4 – Update Video

I am upon Caer Caradoc filming a sunset for the next episode of the Bald Explorer which is about the Welsh Marches. I recored a very short little update of the progress and included a few shots of the magnificent view. More to follow as I start the filming process of this episode. I hope you will keep watching and enjoy the final production. I will be in Shropshire and Herefordshire in search of the legendary British hero Caratacus.

Video: Sneaky Peek at Ep Three

Richard Vobes is on the trail of Smugglers of the 18th and 19th Century. Episode three of the Bald Explorer series is not yet finished. There is plenty more to film, interviews to shoot and editing to start, but here is a sneaky preview to give you a flavour of what is in store. I hope you will enjoy it and watch out for news of the final release, hopefully in January 2012.

Video: The Smugglers Headquarters

Richard Vobes is the Bald Explorer and in this short clip he visits the Oak and Ivy pub in Hawkhurst in Kent.Back in the 1740’s it was the den of the notorious Hawkhurst Gang, a large and violent bunch of smugglers who arranged and oversaw the illicit bringing in of contraband on the Romney Marshes and the transportation of the luxury goods to London.

You crossed the gang at your peril as they were known for murder and brutality among other things.

The pub is now a family friendly venue with some great beer, super food and a very friendly landlord. Check it out at