The Bald Explorer meets the Coracle Man

Peter Faulkner has been making coracles for the past 25 years. He talks to Richard Vobes, the Bald Explorer, about how he first got started and a little about the history of this ancient craft.

Based in Leintwardine in north Herefordshire, Peter paddles his coracles on the River Teme which is close to his old school house workshop. Over the years he hasn’t restricted himself to just this river, but has explored other larger water courses.

It is fascinating to learn just how he builds a coracle and from what raw materials. He sources all of these materials locally including the cow hides. These go on to make the skin of the coracle.

It is difficult to say when the coracle was first used in this country or any other, but we can be pretty certain that early man was paddling this kind of craft on the waterways of Britain as well as around the world.

As you know, the Bald Explorer is a series of videos that seek to discover the British way of life, crafts and history, recording it in HD video for viewers to enjoy across the world.

You can find out more about Peter Faulkner, the Coracle Man, at his website:

Bald Explorer Ep 4 Teaser Video

Filming is well on its way and although the finished product wont be ready until the beginning of June this year, here is the first of a short series of teaser videos I will be making of the progress. I hope you find it whets your appetite for the main programme as well as the countryside and places I visit.

Featured in this are Tom Baker from the Hopton Castle Preservation Trust, Peter Faulkner, The Corcale Man from Leintwardine, Carolyn Chesshire from Lower Buckton Bed and Breakfast and the church tower at Leintwardine. (Thanks to local historian John Williams for access to the church tower!)

Big thanks also to Georgie Lindsey, my lovely daughter, who is my main cinematographer on this project. There is much to film and many more places to go, so keep watching this space.