Podcast: Murders Investigated

Murder has always been of interest to the Human condition. Who would be so bold to take another life? Why would any one do such a thing and how did they do it? It may be morbid curiosity but the plain fact is we all like a good murder well told and now you can purchase the Murder shows to listen to at your leisure.

The Acid Bath Murderer
John George Haigh killed and dissolved his murder victims in a bath of acid in a small workshop in Crawley, West Sussex in 1949. It was the case of the century.

Its February 1949, I am in Crawley, in West Sussex and there has been a murder! John George Haigh was 39 years old when he lured Mrs Durand-Deacon to his Crawley workshop on the pretext of showing some special plastic for an invention idea she had. Haigh shot her dead and put her fully clothed head first in to an oil drum and filled it with Sulphuric acid. Over the next five days, Mrs. Durand-Deacon’s body dissolved into a pile of yellow sludge which Haigh dumped close to his work shop. He thought he had the perfect murder, for without a body the Police couldn’t prove anything…. …. at least that’s what he thought!

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Download as Podcast.

The Brighton Trunk Murder – 1934

Its July 1934, I am in Brighton, in East Sussex and there has been a murder! Tony Mancini, also known as Cecil Louis England, was questioned concerning the discovery of body parts in trunks deposited at the left-luggage offices of Brighton and King’s Cross railway stations in July 1934. Not convinced he was completely innocent the Police searched his basement flat in Kemp St, Brighton, close to the railway station and discovered the body of prostitute Violet Kaye in a trunk at the foot of his bed. He was tried at the Lewes Assizes for her murder, but was acquitted. In 1976 he confessed to the murder…

Download as Podcast.
Download as Podcast.

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