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The very nice people at the Community Channel have included the Bald Explorer as valued member of the team. They very kindly added an image of me to their new revamped Youtube page. I feel famous.

I have now delivered the next three programmes for transmission on their TV network through the year. The Bald Explorer will be off to Wiltshire to the ancient monuments that lie scattered on the chalky hills, built by our prehistoric ancestors.  Can we unravel the mysterious of these strange earthworks?

West Sussex is the destination for the Bald Explorer in one episode. I am searching for the history of a typical rural town. Why were the poor labouring classes sent to Canada. What happened when a school was bombed during the Second World War and are there really still Pullman carriages at the old Petworth Station?

In the final episode of this series, the Bald Explorer, is seeking the whereabouts of an abandoned canal. He meets the people that are trying to save it and put it back in water. These old navigations have a fascinating history of their own and taking to both a narrowboat and a coracle, the Bald Explorer seeks to tell their story.

I can’t wait for the programmes to be shown on the Community Channel. After that, they will be available on their Youtube page or indeed here at the Bald Explorer website.

Meanwhile, keep a check on what the ‘BE’ is up to. He may very well be out exploring near you!


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Richard Vobes is traveling Great Britain seeking out its history, customs and traditions, presenting them in a fun filled informative series called the Bald Explorer. Richard is an award winning podcaster, videographer and actor based in Worthing, England. Follow +RichardVobes on Google+

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