Exploring Shermanbury Church in West Sussex

Exploring Shermanbury Church in West Sussex

Today I am shown around St Giles in Shermanbury by the very knowledgeable Richard Putnam. The Anglican church of St. Giles is well away from the modern roads, approached along a tree-lined bridleway leading to Shermanbury Place, east of the Brighton road. A small church is mentioned in the Domesday Book, but the present structure […]

Exploring St Nicholas Church in Arundel, West Sussex

St Nicholas Church, Arundel

Today it is my pleasure to meet John Berkshire, one of the stewards of St Nicholas Church in Arundel in West Sussex, John very kindly agreed to show me some of the many curious artifacts to be found in the well cared for church on offer for the visitor.These include the curious witches circles scratched […]

Eric’s Memories of War Time Laughton in East Sussex

Eric's Memories of War Time Laughton in East Sussex

Today I am interviewing Eric Wilkins who grew up in the village of Laughton in East Sussex. I am keen to learn his war time memories. He tells me about the flying bombs that flew over Sussex. Also about his father who was a wheelwright. Laughton is a village and civil parish in the Wealden […]

Arundel Town Hall Tour: Stocks, Mayoral Chair, Chamber and Views

Arundel Town Hall Tour

Julia and I are continuing our tour with Mark Philips around Arundel’s Town Hall in West Sussex. We are shown where the town stocks used to be, the mayoral chair which was carried aloft during state occasions and the large function room where important meetings are carried out. We have one more video in this […]