Comedy Smugglers on the South Coast

Filming is under way and this week I have been shooting with my very good actor friend Nigel Cooper. He is playing a role of comedy smuggler which I think the photo portrays nicely. We spend a lovely afternoon on Goring by Sea coast playing about with a rubber dinghy, tea pots and cake.

In fact Nigel plays a night watchman too in this third episode of the Bald Explorer. These little cameos are there to illustrate and lighten parts of the script. The facts just spewed out can be very dull and boring and so to add a bit of fun we have a non-realistic representation of the smuggling trade. I hope you will like this added feature.

Nigel appeared with me in a Children’s ITV production of Snug and Cozi. A comedy series for kids about two crazy spacemen who crash land on the planet Earth, befriend a young girl called Emily and have silly adventures. It went to two series and was quite popular in the mid 1990’s.

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