Can you HELP the Bald Explorer?

As you know I am passionate about Britain and love the history of this wonderful land. I want to spread the word about the fabulous places you can visit and tell the fascinating tales and legends of the past through my video productions. The most recent one is where I get on my bicycle and explore the smugglers of the Romney Marshes and the next one I intend to head up the violent boarder land between England and Wales to investigate the Welsh Marshes.

Can you help the Bald Explorer spread the word? If you run a blog or have a website, would you be able to embed the recent video or write a review about it?

If you have a Facebook page, would you post a link to the videos page on the Bald Explorer website and tell your friends what you thought about the programmes?

I have often been asked why I am not making these videos for mainstream television and naturally I would love to. Its not so easy to get a commission these days, but they do apparently take note if you have a huge following.

So, maybe together, with you help, we could make this happen? What do you think? Will you help the Bald Explorer?

This is an idea video to embed in your web or blog  pages. Many thanks for your help. It is much appreciated.


One Reply to “Can you HELP the Bald Explorer?”

  1. I will pass on the link to any people I think have an interest in your blogging subject Richard. I am also passionate about Britain. Have you thought of guest posting on ” Smitten by Britain” which is another blog I follow

    Then leave your blog address with your post. Your content is well worth reading. and like minded people will see it. Also why not join up with

    “Linky Followers”? This looks a great way to get your blog “outhere”

    I hope you don’t mind all my suggestions 🙂

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