Video: Behind the Scene – Cycling Cam!

As we produce the next Bald Explorer documentary we are recording a series of Behind the scenes videos to show it is done and some of these will make their way up on to YouTube as a sneak preview.

Today, I am on the Romney Marshes on a particularly gloomy day and light levels are very poor. However, we need to get some cycling shots and we have attached a GoPro Hero 2 video camera to the car and away we go!

4 Replies to “Video: Behind the Scene – Cycling Cam!”

  1. Great video. I have been looking at the GOPro camera for things like skiing or for cycling shots like the ones you have done.

    Impressed with the quality.

    Love the behind scenes. Keep up the good work!

  2. Love that GoPro cam, now seen a lot of exstream sports shots putting a camera in odd places certainly adds a new and exciting element to video.

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