Episode One: Lewes

Richard Vobes is the Bald Explorer. He is traveling England with his Eriba Puck seeking out the history, customs and traditions of the country. This is the pilot episode, produced to test the concept for a potential series, either on the web or on TV. Lewes is the quaint county town that was once the hub of East Sussex. It was the site of the battle of Lewes and a place where Protestant Martyrs were burned at the stake during the reign of Queen Mary. Follow the exploits of this enthusiastic explorer as he uncovers the interesting stories of these picturesque locations in merry England.

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About Richard Vobes

Richard Vobes is traveling Great Britain seeking out its history, customs and traditions, presenting them in a fun filled informative series called the Bald Explorer. Richard is an award winning podcaster, videographer and actor based in Worthing, England. Follow +RichardVobes on Google+

One Response to “Episode One: Lewes”

  1. That was a very good potted guide to Lewes, Richard. You’d clearly researched the history well & your bouncy delivery style would appeal hugely to younger viewers I imagine, as well as adults. Have you asked the Tourist Board if it would stream it as a video there, and/or sell as a dvd? Maybe you can do an app as a walking guide. I think the CoC were planning something.
    The major omission was shots of Bonfire of course which is a timing issue. By way of accuracy, I also query some of your pronunciations eg Keere St, Lewesians. And Bill S says ‘West Sussex’ & he meant ‘East Sussex’ as that is where Lewes lies.
    All the best, Jane

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