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The Bald Explorer Team is Growing

One of the greatest pleasures making the Bald Explorer videos is meeting new people and working with guest presenters on the show. As well as Martin Snow, Harriet and little Lola, regulars on the channel, I am thrilled to have Julia Hartley-Neal joining me on my travels. Unconventional, enthusiastic and utterly lovely, Julia brings a […]

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One reason to become a patron

Here’s a good reason to support the Bald Explorer and become a Patron of the Vobes. Not only do you receive the daily behind the scenes podcast of my life, advance viewings of the videos I make, but also extra goodies such as this, the video of the recent theatre show, Martin Snow, and I […]

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Live Show coming up

A Live Show from Shropshire

Another Live Show is lined up for Friday 29th December at 8pm GMT on the Bald Explorer Facebook page. This time Harriet, and possibly little Lola, will be my guests as I broadcast from Shrewsbury in Shropshire. Because the New year is approaching, we shall be exploring some tasty snacks and a tipple or two […]

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Warningcamp River Walk

A walk along the river Arun towards Arundel from Warningcamp in West Sussex. I am thinking about the New Year (2018) and the walks and explorations in the spring when it comes.

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An Evening With …

I am floating the idea of putting together a live show – An Evening with the Bald Explorer and Martin Snow. Martin and I have been racing about the countryside in Sussex making videos about the local heritage. Quite a lot have been in Worthing where we both live. A lovely supportive community is building […]

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Exploring Littlehampton Harbour

This morning I am taking a stroll along Littlehampton Harbour. Littlehampton is a seaside resort and pleasure harbour, and the most populous civil parish in the Arun District of West Sussex, England. It lies on the English Channel on the eastern bank of the mouth of the River Arun. I walk from the end of […]

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