Meet Andrew White – A fellow video maker

Work had cause to take me up north for some video productions and I took the opportunity to meet up with a fellow video producer who like me interested in walking. He enjoys both disciplines so much that he decided to combine the two into one and now produces the excellent Walks Around Britain website. He claims to run the only walking videos website in the UK and it is worth checking out if you love great landscapes and enjoy the British countryside.

Andrew and I met up the other day and decided to have a stroll around a wonderful country mansion close to Doncaster called Cusworth Hall. To make the event a little more memorable we decided to record a podcast in which we discuss our love of walking, history, film making and more. If you have an hour, why not join us and find out all about Andrew and his walking videos and the elegant Georgian mansion and it’s three lakes sculpted by the infamous Lancelot Capability Brown.

Download as Podcast.

Check out the Walks Around Britain website.

Petworth Teaser Video No: 2

It is nearly finished. The shooting is very close to being completed, just a few more elements to capture and then I can start to job of pulling all the pieces together. Meanwhile, I have put together a short teaser video for you to get an idea of the sort of places and things I get up to in this video. I do hope you like it.

Newark-on-Trent is Lovely

Newark Parish Church
Recently I had to go to Newark-on-Trent for a corporate video job and it reminded me that it would make a brilliant town to visit and explore for another BE episode. It is a most elegant place with plenty of Georgian architecture to feast the eyes upon and some timber-framed buildings too. There is a castle and interesting old coffee-house, not to mention rather large market square.

Newark has the River Trent flowing through it and just down from the castle is a large lock complete with little hut and lock keeper, ready to jump to action every time a boat approaches. I spent some of my time there watching many a pleasure cruiser and ancient looking narrow boat pass through. It certainly isn’t a quick place to get through, but fun to observe the old fashion navigation way of life.

The large lock at Newark

I was told that King John died at Newark and after a little searching on my mobile internet device, I discovered it was from dysentery, which cannot be a pleasant way to go. I leaned that there was a long siege carried on during the English Civil War as well as many attacks carried out by the Parliamentarians which eventually rendered most of the medieval castle being destroyed. A lot of the shell is there and plenty to fire up the imagination.

The Romans were there and part of the Great North Road runs (now the A1) used to run through it, although the fast dual carriageway thunders past the town a little to the east. There is a splendid bridge, a wonderful and quite huge parish church and grade one listed Town Hall. I am sure there is plenty more to discover and I have added to the list of places to return to go back and film.

Bignor Roman Villa – Podcast

The Medusa mosaic at Bignor Roman Villa
Bignor Roman Villa is situated in the centre of the designated South Downs National Park, only metres from the Downs themselves.  The site commands unrivalled views of the Downs to South, East and West with instant access to miles of beautiful footpaths heading in all directions.

Bignor Roman Villa is a large Roman courtyard villa which has been excavated and put on public display on the Bignor estate in the English county of West Sussex. It is well-known for its high quality mosaic floors, which are some of the most complete and intricate in the country.

I popped down there a few years ago to find out all about the Roman’s and the remains they left behind. Listen to the podcast and see what you think.

Download as Podcast.
Download as Podcast.
Download as Podcast.